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Your gifts provide the resources that Audio Scripture Ministries needs to train technicians, record audio, and distribute God’s Word. Together, we are helping non-readers worldwide listen to the Bible in their heart languages. There are many ways to give:

  • Give online, either to ASM’s general fund or to one of the projects below. Please consider a monthly sponsorship of a project.
  • Set up a one-time or monthly donation through your bank. This is the only method of automated giving with no processing fees.
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  • Note: If you are interested in buying audio Bibles for your mission trip, please email our Resource Department or call our office for a list of players and languages available.

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Support Audio Bible Distributions

All donations to the 50th Anniversary Audio Bible fund will help meet ASM’s fundraising goal of $100,000. These funds will go directly toward providing audio Bibles to people who can’t, don’t, or won’t read. Audio Bibles will be distributed as follows:

$30,000 for Audio Bibles in Africa
$30,000 for Audio Bibles in India / Asia
$30,000 for Audio Bibles in Latin America
$10,000 for Other Audio Bible Requests

Thank you for supporting the furthering of God’s Kingdom through Audio Scripture!



Current Projects:

  • Equipment: Our studio in Xai-Xai needs some replacement and upgraded equipment following a recent robbery
  • Distribution: 200 audio Bibles to Mwani people group

India Asia

Current Projects:

  • Bible App Project: Production of a universal audio Bible app

Latin America

Current Projects:

  • Recording: Guevea New Testament


Chad and Dara VandenBosch

Chad & Dara Vanden Bosch
Africa Director/
Compassionate Care Coordinator

Donations can be made through the Reformed Church of America’s website.

JP Sundararajan

JP Sundararajan
India-Asia Director

Jim Loker

Jim & Jamie Loker
Latin America Directors

Sarah Aron

Sarah Aron

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Purchase Audio Bibles
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Fundraising Campaigns

On occasion, specific funding needs present themselves. Click HERE to see and consider supporting our current fundraising campaigns through CommitChange.

Ron Beery Memorial Fund


Ron Beery was a pioneer and a visionary. In 1967 he founded Portable Recording Ministries (PRM), now known as Audio Scripture Ministries. Ron emphasized the use of appropriate technology to communicate God’s Word, truly one of the first in this field. Seeing the big picture while also caring for the smallest details, Ron uniquely provided the foundation of what we see God doing through ASM today.

Even as Ron lay in his hospital bed before his passing in October 2015, he expressed his passion for ASM. Inquiring about the heritage of a lab technician, Ron learned that the young man had come to the US seeking asylum following the civil war in Sudan. Ron shared about his trip to Sudan and how ASM had distributed audio Bibles in villages and towns well-known to the lab tech. His response said it all. “You did? Well, they worked!”

In our line of work, it’s not every day that we get to see the result of our labors. Sowing seeds all around the world, we are always blessed to see evidence that God’s Word changes lives. What a blessing that Ron received a visit from the ends of the earth from a young man testifying that Ron’s years of sacrificial ministry were not in vain. Shortly afterward, an angelic host visited Ron, inviting him to rest from his labors.

We love Ron, we miss him, and we thank God for his life. Ron Beery passed the baton to us, and now we will faithfully continue the work he began. Thank you for walking this journey with us. We long for the day when we will see every nation, tribe, and people from the ends of the earth tell us, “It worked!”

To God be the glory!


As a gesture of gratitude for the mission Ron started, ASM has created the Ron Beery Memorial Fund. Donations will provide 18,000 audio Scripture players for people around the world to continue the legacy that Ron Beery started.
Millions of people have yet to hear the good news of God’s Word in their own language, and many will never have this opportunity without the gift of an audio Bible. One player costs $35 to purchase, format, and ship overseas.

Would you show your support of God’s work and His Word by donating to this worthy cause?

For more information, view our Donor Privacy Policy, Form 990, or Financial Statement.

Beery Memorial