• Get Creative with your Gifts

    (Interview with Joshua Harrison begins at 3:10) Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News International (MNN) — When Jesus tells His people to “go and make disciples of all nations” in Matthew 28:18-20, it can sound like a task for the highly gifted. However, this command — also known

  • Recordists in Mexico Endure Rugged Living for the Gospel

    (Interview with Joshua Harrison begins at 2:13) Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News Mexico (MNN) — Imagine your job looks like this: You travel for weeks in a crowded, hot bus through precarious mountain roads and rugged terrain. You have to live for months at a time in

  • Distributions in Mozambique

    Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News Mozambique (MNN) — If you only had one Bible in your family, would it be hard to share? Audio Scripture Ministries knows families in Mozambique who face this conundrum. ASM has served for nearly a decade in Mozambique, recording and distributing audio Bibles. Since

  • Ministering in the Mountains of Mexico

    Article by Alex Anhalt at Mission Network News Mexico (MNN) — Alcoholism, family struggles, and a stale understanding of the Bible were all rampant in the mountains near Oaxaca, Mexico just a few weeks ago. And that’s exactly where Jim Loker and his team went. “We were in an area where

  • Audio Scripture Ministries in 360°

    The Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) Team has been exploring new ways of telling the stories of people whose lives have been changed by God’s Word. Not everyone can go in person to participate in the work in Mozambique, Mexico, or India. ASM Africa Director Chad Vanden Bosch recently developed several

  • Whatever It Takes

    The ASM Mozambique Team braved terrible road conditions and unseasonably rainy weather in order to distribute nearly 500 audio Bibles in early July. Their ten-day-long journey led them to nine different locations throughout rural Mozambique. During one particularly wet audio Bible distribution, three men arrived—soaking wet—on their bicycles. These men

  • Wherever You Go

    How does a bicycle repairman in India serve God? For Jithin (pseudonym), the answer was clear. When he received an audio Bible, he not only wanted to listen to God’s Word daily—he knew God had called him to help connect others to God’s Word. With a speaker he personally attached

  • Meet Ellie & Lila

    In 2001, Ellie and Lila Quezada set out on a one-year sabbatical to help Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM Latin America Directors, in southern Mexico. Seventeen years later, Ellie and Lila are still partnering with ASM in Mitla, serving as field coordinators for Missionary Ventures. We celebrate Ellie’s years of

  • Elderly Tribesman in India Refuses to Let Go of God’s Word

    Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News India (MNN) — Nestled in the corner of northeast India, the Nyishi tribe lives in remote seclusion. With no roads and infrastructure, it can take up to a full day’s walk to reach the Nyishi people. Besides living in seclusion, the Nyishi

  • In All the Ways You Can

    You may have noticed a slight change recently in the way we talk about Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM). We’ve been working to clearly and simply communicate what we do, and how we do it: “Connecting people to God’s Word in their own heart language, by recording and distributing Bibles and

  • Meet Kani

    Pitchai Kani (pictured with his wife, Mala) has been at ASM’s partner ministry in India for 21 years—which makes him the longest-tenured staff person currently. He first moved to Bangalore in search of gainful employment. The person who hired Kani was a kind Christian who showed him the love of

  • God Speaks My Heart Language

    Zuri is a young Zapotec-speaker. She grew up as a pastor’s daughter and has a passion for sharing the Word of God. Every weekend she meets with other young people to discuss and answer questions about passages they have individually listened to during the week. With Zuri’s help, audio Bibles

  • Distribution in Northeast India

    We honestly don’t know how old Chira Kama is, but in his village, rumor has it that he is over 100 years old. Chira belongs to the Nyishi community in a remote part of NE India. He, like many in his community, is an oral preference learner. The Bible was

  • Tewe People of Mozambique Celebrate New Audio Bible Materials

    Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News Mozambique (MNN) — The Tewe people in central Mozambique have had missionaries come to them for years. Today, about 40 percent of the Tewe people are Christian, according to the Joshua Project. However, the Tewe people have no Bible and less than one

  • From the Executive Director – 2018 First Quarter

    “Know that today, the Lord will cross over before you,” Deuteronomy 9:3 In my office, I have a photo by a Grand Rapids, MI artist of the Mackinac Bridge with that verse. As a Michigander, the Mackinac Bridge has always held special significance in my life. Every summer, my brother,

  • Five Months After Earthquakes Devastate Southern Mexico, Tremors Strike Again

    Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News Mexico (MNN) — Southern Mexico can’t seem to catch a break. On Monday [19 February], a 5.9-magnitude earthquake shook southern Mexico and quake sirens sent people scrambling into the open streets at 12:57 am CST. It was the five-month anniversary of the September 19

  • ASM Preparing Beta Release of Biblical App in India

    (Interview with JP Sundararajan begins at 2:59) Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News India (MNN) — You know when you have a question about the Bible or your faith? Who do you go to with your question? Your pastor? Another Christian family member? A mentor? In India, there

  • Mozambique Urgently Requesting Audio Bibles

    (Interview with ASM begins at 1:34) Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News Mozambique (MNN) — Like dry and parched earth immediately soaking up the gift of rain, the people of Mozambique are thirsty for God’s Word. And every time Audio Scripture Ministries goes to do an audio Bible distribution

  • Ministry Opportunity in Mexico following Earthquakes

    Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News Mexico (MNN) — It’s been almost exactly three months since an 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City and killed nearly 300 people. It was Mexico’s most powerful earthquake in a century. Since then, around 9,000 aftershocks have been recorded in Oaxaca state. Some

  • The Light of the World

    “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12, NIV). Traveling back from a November audio Bible distribution, we were on south India roads well after

  • ASM Reflects on 50 Years of Ministry

    (Naomi’s interview audio starts at 02:58) Article by Lyndsey Koh at Mission Network News Audio Scripture Ministries just hit an exciting milestone this month — 50 years of ministry! Their mission is to provide the Bible in audio so everyone will have the opportunity to hear God’s Word in their

  • Joy

    The Mozambique Compassionate Care Team ministers daily to people with a wide range of debilitating or incurable diseases. Dara Vanden Bosch, ASM Compassionate Care Ministries Coordinator, says her Mozambican team focuses on palliative care and seeks to comfort and encourage patients. Weekly visits help Dara and her team track the

  • Obedience

    Ron Beery was finishing his Ph.D. at Michigan State and serving as a Physics professor at Hope College, when he attended a missionary conference. A simple question from the missionary speaker changed his life forever. The missionary shared the story of the burning bush from the book of Exodus. Moses

  • Boldness

    Have you ever known someone who was always fearful? Well, I used to be one of those people. Instead of going forward in life, I felt like I was going backwards! I used to be passive on the soccer field, I used to be timid with the gifts that God

  • Kindness

    In India, the population is 1.3 billion people and growing. JP Sundararajan, ASM India / Asia Director, travels to India several times a year to help support and grow the ministry there. Whether it’s a 20+ hour flight from Grand Rapids, MI to Bangalore, or traveling within India to a

  • Hope

    “In my distress I called upon the Lord; to my God I cried for help…” These words from Psalm 18 reflect the turmoil faced by David and his desperate need for deliverance from King Saul. Darkness seemed to be closing in around David with no way out, and God quickly

  • Perseverance

    On a recent trip to northern Mozambique, ASM Africa Director Chad Vanden Bosch and his team traveled to a remote village to distribute audio Bibles. When they arrived, rain began to pour and it appeared as though no one had come out to meet the team. Suddenly, people began flowing

  • Innovation

    Technology 40 and 50 years ago was quite different than it is today. Things we take for granted today – like being able to connect almost instantly with people, getting news and information at the touch of a button, and playing complicated digital games on a 5 inch screen –

  • Faithful to the Past – Committed to the Future (Part 3)

    From David Hickey, ASM President Serving with ASM since 1986 How and why did you get involved with ASM? “Although I had been aware of ASM (then PRM) for a number of years, it wasn’t until a Missionary Conference in 1986 that I got to see first-hand what the organization was

  • Faithful to the Past – Committed to the Future (Part 2)

    From Sundara Rajan, WCOI Founder  Serving with ASM since 1979 How and why did you get involved with ASM? “I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in my college days. On 14th December 1968, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. My father, being a Communist, was not